Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please share your thoughts and memories about Todd

On Feb. 2nd, 2010 Todd Gregory Hesselgesser passed away, far too early. Still a young man, with two young sons, it's hard to imagine Todd being gone. This blog is for his boys but also for his friends and family to grieve. Help us share stories about Todd that one day his boys can look back on and remember their father and maybe learn some more things about him.

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I will be happy to post your thoughts and memories here. Also, please feel free to post any photos you might want to share.



  1. Todd and I became fast friends in the 8th grade. We met in History class and shared an interest in music. Todd was the first person to show me how to play the guitar. He had an acoustic guitar that we used to bash out three chord punk anthems and write juvenile songs about girls, getting picked on and skating. We skated all over Redmond, bombing down 172nd Ave, dropping off ledges at Anderson Park. Our first band was called Decadence along with Kevin Loyles. We had a practice space at the Uhaul in Bellevue- we would skate and jam. Todd played guitar, Kevin played drums and I sang. I have some great pics From that time I will share soon. TGH- gone too soon.

  2. One of my favorite memories was when we got all punked out with our hair getting ready to see Reagan Youth play at Lower Queen Anne Hill. Todd used egg whites and gellatin to give him liberty spikes, I went with the Suicidal bandana. We slam danced to the first band until the promoters announced that Reagan Youth had canceled the show and all shit let loose. Me and Todd took off and went to the Tower Records store after angry punks started throwing Molotov cocktails at phone booths and in the streets. I bought the First Squirrel Bait album and when we were leaving we were tackled by SPD. They did a body frisk and tried to frame us for the fire bombs. Luckily Compton got us ride back to the Eastside. What a night !

  3. Our first Black Flag concert we went to was at a place called the snake pit in 1986. We saw Henry Rollins in his prime sing bad ass Flag tunes with Gregg Gin that show was sweaty and bad ass! I couldn't hear right for a week.

  4. Oh man, I remember that show. I had lost you two when people started setting off the molotov cocktails. I remember there were some idiots ripping out a phone booth. I round the corner by the old Tower Records and there you and Todd are up against the wall getting frisked. I remember when they tried to plant something on you or something like that but one of the cops shook his head and let us go. They told us to get off the street or they would arrest us and we luckily found a ride at the last minute. I remember Todd's Mom was so mad at us that night cause she saw the riot on the news and thought we were involved.

    I'll also never forget that Black Flag concert. Remember how Rollins had a little square piece of carpet that he stood on the whole time dripping sweat. My parents picked us up and our ears were ringing so much we could barely hear what my Dad was saying...he was so mad. Those were good times. :)

  5. I remember me Todd and You (compton) hanging out in Todds garage tweeking our skateboard wheels when we saw Todd's stepdad had a fifth of vodka and we decided to take it to the abandoned house behind his and cranked suicidal and seven seconds while skating in the carport and drinking. The cops showed up and I got busted for it cuz I was holding the bottle when they snuck up on us. I had to do 16 hours of alcohol education classes but you guys got nothing. It was worth it to me I never ratted and it was a badge of honor to go down for you guys.