Friday, February 12, 2010

Send me your photos, stories, memories

Please keep posting your comments/stories/memories here for now. I apologize that this blog isn't particularly obvious on how to post/comment etc. - I'm still figuring it out. Web guru Andrew Howell has agreed to help create a more user friendly memorial site for Todd. I'll keep everyone posted here when the new site is ready. In the meantime send me your posts or photos and I can get them up here.

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I received these photos of Todd today from Jean & Greg Phelps - Todd's Dad and his wife. They are from 2004 and around 2000.

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  1. I'm Todd's uncle, Daniel Phelps, Greg's brother. It was about 1986 when during that summer when Todd spent some extended time in east Texas. He was 15 I believe. My sons Robert and Rex were doing yard work for money and Todd helped them and earned a few bucks himself. I could see the excitement in Todd's face about doing this kind of work and making money. He was always smiling and ready to go to do a yard. I was happy to see that Todd chose this kind of work and that my sons had a part that influenced Todd to continue this endevour after he finished school.